I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, advised by Dr. Mirela Ben-Chen. My current work is supported by an Adams Fellowship.

Contact Info:

Technion — Israel Institute of Technology
Computer Science Department
Taub Building, Office 424
Haifa 3200003, Israel
Phone: +972 4829 4896

  • Functional Thin Films on Surfaces (journal version)

    Vantzos, Azencot, Wardetzky, Rumpf, Ben-Chen

  • Advection-Based Function Matching on Surfaces

    Azencot, Vantzos, Ben-Chen

  • Functional Thin Films on Surfaces

    Azencot, Vantzos, Wardetzky, Rumpf, Ben-Chen

  • Discrete Derivatives of Vector Fields on Surfaces – An Operator Approach

    Azencot, Ovsjanikov, Chazal, Ben-Chen

  • Functional Fluids on Surfaces

    Azencot, Weißmann, Ovsjanikov, Wardetzky, Ben-Chen

  • An Operator Approach to Tangent Vector Field Processing

    Azencot, Ben-Chen, Chazal, Ovsjanikov

  • Map-Based Exploration of Intrinsic Shape Differences and Variability

    Rustamov, Ovsjanikov, Azencot, Ben-Chen, Chazal, Guibas

  • BSF Travel Grant
    Jun06Comments 0

    BSF Travel Grant

    The US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) has awarded me the competitive Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grant…

  • Adams Fellowship
    Apr02Comments 0

    Adams Fellowship

    The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities has granted me the prestigious Adams Fellowship for…

  • Jacobs–Qualcomm Fellowship
    Jan12Comments 0

    Jacobs–Qualcomm Fellowship

    I was awarded the generous Jacobs--Qualcomm fellowship for Ph.D. students.

  • TCE Research Prize for Students
    May26Comments 0

    TCE Research Prize for Students

    I won the TCE Research Prize for students which was generously contributed by IBM. Here…