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Consistent Functional Cross Field Design for Mesh Quadrangulation

Azencot, Corman, Ben-Chen, Ovsjanikov

Functional Thin Films on Surfaces (journal version)

Vantzos, Azencot, Wardetzky, Rumpf, Ben-Chen

Advection-Based Function Matching on Surfaces

Azencot, Vantzos, Ben-Chen

Functional Thin Films on Surfaces

Azencot, Vantzos, Wardetzky, Rumpf, Ben-Chen

Discrete Derivatives of Vector Fields on Surfaces – An Operator Approach

Azencot, Ovsjanikov, Chazal, Ben-Chen

Functional Fluids on Surfaces

Azencot, Weißmann, Ovsjanikov, Wardetzky, Ben-Chen

An Operator Approach to Tangent Vector Field Processing

Azencot, Ben-Chen, Chazal, Ovsjanikov

Map-Based Exploration of Intrinsic Shape Differences and Variability

Rustamov, Ovsjanikov, Azencot, Ben-Chen, Chazal, Guibas